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Why we carry watermelons

Old but I love the analogy… Why we carry watermelons?

Hey big spender…spend a little time on IT

I wrote a whole blog post (with the help of a very talented content designer) based on some technical spend principles I’ve introduced at Ministry of Justice… Hey big spender: spend a little time on IT

Measuring morale not happiness

Cos…define happiness…  

Safe place retrospectives

Setting out and getting engagement from the team with a safe place manifesto at the beginning of a retro to make sure everyone feels safe to talk and be listened to. “This room is a safe space for the sake of this retrospective. Therefore, we must listen free of judgment, with an open mind, and…

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What is a delivery manager?

Thank you Emily Webber (ex Head of Delivery at GDS) for so succinctly explaining what an agile delivery manager does in this article.  

What is an agile leader?

If you have a large organisation of lots of empowered, self-organising delivery teams how do you ensure it’s not one almighty confusing unaligned mess? Get an agile leader. Their remit is align, but not through control. Their focus is ensuring everyone knows: What does winning look like? Vision/Mission. What’s the plan? Strategy and tactics. What’s…

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Safety check in retrospectives

A great tool to use in retrospectives when there’s spoken or unspoken tension to ensure everyone in the room feels safe to speak and listen.

The subtle art of not giving a f**k

You have a limited number of f**ks to give in your life. Spend them wisely… The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Stop obsessing about productivity

“The inhale and the exhale: it’s the balance of doing and being. I think there’s often the perception that if you want to be as effective in the world as possible, you should just constantly be working and constantly be executing and outputting. But the problem with that is that we are humans, we’re not…

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A checklist for agile success

Some nice points in this article on the markers of a successful agile teams and organisations. Although having recently been on the receiving end of ‘coaches’ jumping to definitive conclusions as to the source of problems on the back of casually picking up on a few clichés problems, I’d warn against taking this as your coaching crystal…

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