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What is an agile leader?

If you have a large organisation of lots of empowered, self-organising delivery teams how do you ensure it’s not one almighty confusing unaligned mess? Get an agile leader. Their remit is align, but not through control. Their focus is ensuring everyone knows:

  1. What does winning look like? Vision/Mission.
  2. What’s the plan? Strategy and tactics.
  3. What’s the score? Progress, status, feedback loops
  4. What is preventing us from winning? Continous improvement, people, teams, strategy, tactics.

Do we all know why we are here, what winning looks like? Do we know the plan, the strategy? Do we have a way of seeing where we are now? Do we see the impediments, things that are slowing us down? Are we continuously trying to remove the impediments?

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helen • January 31, 2016

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