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Why agile as we know it will disappear

Following Erik Meijer’s rant that agile is a cancer of software delivery (mostly describing over-rigid ‘agile’ methodologies followed to the letter forgetting the ‘people over process’ principle) and Dave Thomas’s post declaring death to (capital A) Agile in favour of agility. A slightly less antagonistic article stating instead that once the underlying principles of the agile and lean approach (one could argue,…

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Pair working is for more than programmers

You’d think we’d have worked this out already – working in pairs is not something that was invented with software (eg the traditional copywriter and art director pairing in the advertising world). An article extolling the benefits of pairing and that it’s useful for all members of the team, not just programmers.

Tech’s women problem

“Etsy’s Trying to Fix Tech’s Women Problem. Why Aren’t You? The first step is, throw out the hoodie-wearing boy-genius and build a new archetype.” Ann Friedman covers 6 factors she believes are causing the problem and it’s not just a question of not enough women going into tech (37% of computer graduates in 1985 were female, compared…

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Product visioning

Some tips from Roman Pitchler on writing a compelling product vision, a template product vision board to set it out and product canvas template to keep you focussed through delivery.

Five dysfunctions of a team

A fantastic short story which brings to life the author’s theory of the key 5 dysfunctions of a team: Absence of Trust Fear of conflict Lack of commitment Avoidance of accountability Inattention to results 5dysfunctionsofateam   Plus an interesting corollary in this article on what makes a good team, based on researched across teams at Google.

Flox: the future of teamwork

“Change is accelerating. Uncertainty is rampant. Expectations are sky high. Teams need a new way of organising and working.” Enter Flox. Unlike the enormous complexity of other alternative systems such as Holacracy. This is really simple: 2 Habits. 4 Rules. 2 Habits: Flocking: The kickoff session in which the team comes together to co-create their…

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Holacracy: a summary

I recently read a book about Holacracy. It’s a very interesting concept (which is actually in practice in a number of organisations) which purports to be “the revolutionary management system that abolishes hierarchy”. The aim is to effectively ‘encode’ the functions and connections of the organisation as a series of circles contained inside each other. Each…

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Five years, building a culture, and handing it off

From the CTO of Etsy on some theories for building a lasting engineering culture that can eventually look after itself.

Lessons on stability of countries…and its similarities with software delivery?

This may seem slightly off topic, but bear with me… So according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Gregory F. Treverton volatility and an appearance of lack of control actually signs stability in nation states. These five markers are key: 1. concentrated decision-making system 2. absence of economic diversity 3. being highly indebted 4. lack of political…

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Two articles about the importance of kindness in leadership

One about a guy who worked at facebook and one geekier one with some interesting insight about leadership qualities shown when playing team video games

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