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Map of the Justice system

One of the MOJ Digital teams has been looking at the ‘big picture’ of the end to end justice system. They’ve created this epic high level service map showing each of the functions and organisations involved. It’s pretty cool. Mike Bracken even wrote about it. You can see the full sized one here.

Where next for government as a platform

An interesting take that GDS had lost their way a little of late in trying to control and build all the technical solutions, rather than focusing on the organisational change needed to create a truly digital government.  ‘Plugging in, standardising, consolidating demand, commoditising, and consuming wherever appropriate’ rather than ‘building the technology itself’. With a…

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Nice board of tools and methods for product design and development

Not saying you do them all, but quite handy having a summary of lots of methods in one place for reference: Trello board

Stats from Trello – Ollert

Found this. Pretty nifty little things that connects to trello and does all your burn downs etc for you.  

Agile won’t fix your product

Strictly speaking, he’s actually saying top down adoption of SCRUM won’t; and that you truly need to adopt all the agile principles to get the best results. Full article

Scrum master dos and don’ts

This certainly caused quite a bit of debate and panicked ‘but I do all of those don’ts!’… Maybe ‘don’ts’ could be framed as ‘not your job, but something you do sometimes as long as it’s shared out across the team’? (not as snappy of course)

You can’t be half agile

Thank you Mike Bracken! ‘Agile is not a thing you buy, it is a thing you are’ 

Some (old but good) videos

Agile product management Spotify engineering culture – part 1 Spotify engineering culture – part 2 Teal organisations

Create, dissolve, remix teams

Similar set up to our organisational structure at MOJ Digital. Nice to know you’re vindicated in your approach… Full article

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