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The job of leadership is to foster alignment and enthusiasm toward the right goal. Short and to the point

Team’s importance in agile

Building a truely cross functional team is basically fundamental, but often the first thing that’s let slip by organisations trying to implement agile – But it really, really shouldn’t be as without a cross-functionality team you will be unable to meet your commitments. And if you don’t meet your commitments you lose trust. And…

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Agile not just for tech teams

Agile is not about delivering IT products quickly, it’s about providing the business with the flexibility to react to an ever changing market.

‘Pull’ retrospectives in kanban

Issue Board is a very simple concept with 3 basic rules: Every person in a development team can write a problem or a new idea he wants to discuss on a whiteboard (Issues Board). There is a limit of 3 problems on the board. When there are 3 problems on the board, we have a…

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Stakeholder’s involved in demos

Absolutely love this! How to get your stakeholders more engaged in the project (but completely putting them on the spot)

Unnecessary documentation requests

Love this! In summary: Guideline No. 1: If a team would produce an artifact while in the process of creating working software, that artifact is just naturally produced. Guideline No. 2: If an artifact would not naturally be produced in the process of creating working software, the artifact is added to the product backlog.

Mike Bracken interview

“Government as a platform is something you will see a lot in the next parliament” Referencing the prison visit booking product delivered by MOJDS: “One of the pieces of utility they came up with was a booking application. Now, when you want to book something else, we have that common component and booking in government…

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War for digital talent in the public sector

Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, writes about how we can ensure the public sector has the excellent, dedicated people they need for digital transformation And MOJDS get a mention, which is nice.

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